Covert Security

An ever increasing number of businesses are coming to appreciate the economic impacts of loss prevention. Our Service Provider provide plain clothes (covert) and uniformed (overt) operatives as part of loss minimization strategies which limit the exposure of clients to both internal and external forms of theft and fraud.

Securitycor Covert security, also known as undercover or plain-clothes security, is a specialised service that provides unsurpassed success in the apprehension of shoplifters, fraudsters and dishonest employees. Its counterpart, overt security, provides an important visual deterrence to potential shoplifters and vandals at the store entry point.

Our assigned Security Covert operatives are highly trained and qualified individuals who work with the utmost professionalism. Covert security operatives pose as general shoppers and ensure that only customers are exiting the stores. Offenders are identified; monitored and apprehended using certified specialised training and techniques in a manner that is non-threatening and inconspicuous to the general public.

Our covert operatives achieve loss prevention through physical deterrence, identifying and monitoring suspicious persons, searching bags and other articles being carried from the store, attending to items that trigger the audible in-store alarms and apprehending shoplifters and vandals.